Our work

We work to create legal, institutional and policy frameworks that foster participatory democracy, openness of ICT infrastructure, trust, security, interoperability, standardization and generate the necessary skills in government, business and civil society.
We use ICT to:
• Offer increased potential for positives social and economic changes in particular for poor and marginalized people and women in developing countries;
• Broaden the number of participants in the public policies decisions;
• Enlighten citizens opinions give the means to understand the present and to apprehend the future ;
• Encourage greater Engagement in Civil Society, co-build more effective public policies;
• Accelerate the democratic process as a tool for social change and women’s empowerment.

• First Senegalese civil society organization recognized as expert in ICT policies and digital rights;
• Citizens are more and more aware:
1 – Of the difficulties that hinder access to quality ICT service that is accessible and affordable;
2 – About their digital rights and the need to protect them;
3 – ICT tools can foster partiticpatory democracy.

Changes are moving very slowly, so to respond to that situation we face the following challenges:
• Built a national coalition in Senegal and a regional network in West Africa;
• Involve more womens;
• Need of financial and human ressources.